Marching Arts

Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps



For the 2019 season I spend most of my summer remotely contributing to the Blue Knights, hoping on tour with the group while they were in Texas. Because of this I was only on to photograph 3 shows and challenged myself to capture the best images I could possibly get. The 2019 production “I Remember Everything..” was a show I loved watching over and over again and am very thankful for the images I was able to capture.



I spent my third year with the Blue Knights during their 2018 tour. “The Fall and Rise” was the corps show theme for their 60th anniversary. This summer involved more detailed photos and generating more videos than I had in the past, which made for an amazing growing opportunity with my videos and graphics.

Nashville show-3.jpg


My summer for 2017 was spent traveling coast to coast with the Blue Knights on their summer tour performing their show "i". While with them, I captured photos, videos, helped manage their social media platforms, and generated graphics to post on said social media platforms. It was an experience I will cherish and hold near to me for the rest of my life.


University of North Texas Green Brigade


2018 Season

I spent my second year with the Green Brigade as a photographer for their fall 2018 productions. From band camp through their Bowl Game in New Mexico, I helped capture moments of the 300+ students.


2017 Season

As a member of the Green Brigade for three years, I noticed that we did not have our photos taken often. So when my senior year rolled around I knew how I wanted to give back. I attended three of UNT's home games and spent my time with the band roaming the stands and field capturing photos of the 300+ members.